VE v6 Auto to VE V8 Manual conversion both vehicles series 2 VE

First thing to note if its a Series 1 it stays series 1
if its a series 2 keep it a series 2,
do your other mods after the initial conversion – or plan ahead.

These are some of the things you may need and need to know
VE Series 1 modules are not security programmed and will not need to be unprogrammed or unlinked to reprogram (unlike Holden Cruze)

TIP and tricks I’ve learned along the way

******Check all Hardware will match first******
******Check all Software Calibrations – will match what you want to do****
****** Dont Buy a cluster or have it programmed by the EBAYers – only half a job going on here – if you knew enough you wouldn’t have to ask them to do it******
****** Pick a vin with the same stuff apart from engine and transmission – Body Ute, wagon, sedan easier to pick the same one******

There is no way yet to extract the Security PIN CODE from any module (there are bypasses available)

Starting the Process

  1. Flash PCM/ Engine ECU to manual (you have a guy to tune your ride) (code Manual Vin – easier) (you can have security turned off) (no need to Pin code unless programming remotes/keys) There is no way yet to extract PIN CODE
  2. Flash BCM to manual (use SPS)
  3. Flash EBCM/ABS to manual (use SPS with manual Vin
  4. Reconfigure instrument to manual (use Tech2)
  5. Bypass auto trans computer (connect green & White CAN Wires)
  6. Fit clutch start wiring (plugs in below cluster)
  7. Fit reverse switch wiring and reverse lockout wiring (wiring diagram below)

1. Flashing The Engine ECU /PCM

Get a tuner to do the programming and remove security so the engine will start and you can drive it to workshop to continue the rest.

2. Flash BCM to manual

Programming the BCM
Important: The vehicle will not start and many other functions may not operate correctly if a replacement BCM is not correctly
set up. The following procedures must be followed:

  1. The BCM reprogramming – refer to Service Programming System (SPS). making it a manual with a manual VIN
  2. Brake pedal position sensor (BPPS) learn.
  3. Program SDM primary key to BCM.
    Important: After the procedure is completed, the personalization settings of the BCM are set to default settings. Inform the
    customer that the personalization must be set again.

The Bcm can be removed and VIN Number can be changed manually

3. Flash ABS/EBCM To Manual

If all your hardware is the same change the Vin and program to manual vin

4. Reconfigure instrument to manual (use Tech2)

Programming Features with Tech2

There a 4 basic types of VE cluster types A, B, C & D (‘D’ being the SS)

Instrument Cluster differences in Series 1 VE and Series 2 VE
– Cluster VE s1 White back on cluster (made by different manufacturer)
– Cluster VE s2, black on the back of cluster
Not interchangeable if you need to carry out programming SPS (can be modded later)
** Instrument configuration will not work if the EBCM and IPC do not have the Right coding to start with**

5. Bypass auto trans computer (connect green & White CAN Wires)

You have either cut the wires out or done a harness swap make sure the green and white wire goes to the obd2 port in series

VE s1 diagram
(cant be certain VE2 is exactly the same, no wiring diagram){so we will have to say that there is different versions/changes based on model level}

VF Diagram

7. Fit reverse switch wiring and reverse lockout wiring (wiring diagram below)

Little Extras for the VE

Engineering Mode,
Engineering Mode entered, by switching the ignition on while pressing the ENTER button.

  1. software version
  2. g Part number
  3. battery voltage
  4. remaining Fuel (Lts)
  5. Instantaneous Fuel (Lts)
  6. Coolant Temperature
  7. Speed (km/h)
  8. Tacho (rpm)
  9. Tyre Pressure
  10. Engine Oil Life (%)
  11. Park Lamps (on/off)
  12. Steering wheel switch Voltage
  13. Display of Gears (commanded)
  14. Throttle Position Requested (Pedal %)
  15. Transmission Sump Temperature (C)
  16. Self Test
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