Bosch Radio Power box 360 GML 18 V-L Professional


Bosch Powerbox 360 Radio, plug in and charge your battery’s or play music from your battery.
Twin 240 volt power outlets to charge up other devices.
Great Sound with Sub woofer on Bottom of unit to get the work site rocking

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GML 18 LI Professional Site Radio
A revolution in portable music
4 speakers delivering 360 degree sound plus
Advanced digital FM / AM tuner with 20 FM and 10
AM pre-set stations for increased radio perception

Charging Station

Li-ion tech_Logo.inddIntegrated battery charger for charging all 14.4
and 18 volt Bosch Li-Ion battery packs

12-volt socket compatible with car chargers
Two standard sockets for connecting other mains-powered tools

Heavy Duty

Fully functional even after a 2-metre drop onto concrete thanks to spring-mounted
aluminium frame


Internal and external AUX input for connecting external audio players
Plays SD/MMC cards and USB mass storage devices

You tube Video


 Spec Sheet

Battery Type Li-Ion
Brand Bosch
Charge Time Min 60
Charging Volts 14.4 – 18
Cable Length m 1.2m
Mass kg 9.4
Model GML 18 V-LI BB
Voltage 14.4 – 18


Additional information

Weight 9.4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm