Mitsubishi Magna 2000 to 2005 – Key cutting and Programming


Aftermarket JMA Blade Key section to suit  : Magna/Verada TH,TJ, TL,TW

ID46 Mitsubishi Transponder inside Diagnostically programmed

We program the transponder on the vehicle with specialist equipment.
Products, cutting and Programming charges are included for this key.

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Mitsubishi Magna 00-05, Key cutting and Programming

Make / Model From To  Reference ID
Magna 2001  2004  MAZ 12.P1 / PCF7936 46
Verada 2001 2004 MAZ 12.P1 / PCF7936 46

Key Cutting

Mitsubishi Magna / Verada., key cutting and programming

Mitsubishi Magna / Verada., key cutting and programming









We cut and Program Mitsubishi non flip keys in house , be sure to have your spare key handy we can clone and program all keys at the same time.

*Key Programming 

The programming of this vehicle is done by scan tool only
This transponder can be cloned with the vehicle present using a TPX4 Cloneable chip.

*Remote programming

1. Insert working-coded key into ignition.

2. Click to acc – ign, acc – ign, acc – ign, acc – ign

3. Leave a ~1 sec gap between each cycle.

4. When cycled correctly, indicators will flash

5. Press button on each remote that needs to be programmed.

6. Switch key to off

7. Remove key and test.

2nd Option
PROGRAMMING RF TRANSMITTERS Please note: This is for the 3 button type.
Have all transmitters that are to be programmed together in the
NOTE: Once teach mode has been entered all previous codes
will be erased.
1. To invoke teaching mode for the RF transmitters, turn the
ignition between ACC and IGN 3 times within 5 seconds
and leave at the IGN position.
2. The hazard lamps will flash once if entry is successful.
3. Within 5 seconds of this acknowledgment, press any
button on the first remote key.
4. The hazard lamps will flash once to indicate acceptance.
5. Within 5 seconds press any button on the next key to be
taught, this process may be repeated for up to 4 keys.
6. Teaching mode will be terminated by any of the following
1. The ignition is turned off.
2. More than 5 seconds have elapsed since the last
valid key code.
3. Four keys have been taught to the BEM.
4. No correct data has been received in 10 seconds.