P & G Motors caters for all mechanical,
repairs and routine maintenance.
Factory log book services YES not a problem we
are qualified to repair and service new vehicles. �
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Its better to buy from
somebody that uses the product and stands by it so you
can trust its reliability.

We cater for a range of service parts and general
replacement parts.


replacement parts
electrical products
fan belts
brake parts
Air conditioning
recycled parts
Online rego

Oil products. up

Our oil product line consists of:

Engine oil the right grade to suit your vehicle.

Transmission Oil automatic and manual oils.

Oil filters engine oil filters and automatic oil filters

Engine oil flush free up your engine with oil flush before the
oil change and notice the difference after.

Oil additives various including friction proofing, stop smoke and
stop leak

Fuel additives gain back the power you once had with an
injector cleaner.

For inquires about any mentioned product don’t hesitate to call the after
effect is worth it

Replacement parts.

Weather original parts are used or after market, experience counts
not only to damaged /worn parts also for add-on modification.

A wide range of replacement parts.
Engine parts, pistons & rings, mains and big end bearings, camshafts hydraulic
lifters, sprockets, timing chains, fly wheels, also fuel pumps mechanical and

Ignition Products.                  �


All late model vehicles have electronic ignition and and last a
relatively long time but when things do go bad remember our name and insist on

Ignition parts include ignition leads, spark plugs,
distributors and internals , coil packs, crank sensors, cam sensors ignition

Online Rego.


What are they and when do you need them?

A pink slip is a safety inspection
report, issued by an AIS (authorised inspection station) which proves a vehicle has
passed the required roadworthiness standards.

This is used to renew a vehicle’s registration up to
three months after the expiry date.

We are qualified to inspect vehicles
for rego if you have any of the following:

* A normal light vehicle.
* A vehicle fitted with gas.
* A caravan.
* A motorbike.

Also if you do not like lining up in
the que at the RTA ask about how we can pay your rego   �
online all you need is your green slip

Electrical  Products.                  �


Electrical any thing light globes, light holders, fittings,
fuses, computers, injectors electrical sensors and actuators,
too much to put down in writing the only thing you can do is
come down or give us a call for the right component.

Fan Belts.                  �


Fan belts pay an important role make sure they are
checked regularly so you don’t get stuck far away from home.

We cater for all fan belts early to late most later model
vehicle have what is called a serpentine belt that is one belt
that controls all pulleys on your vehicle so this means you
only get one chance. but we do supply belts for multi belted

Brake Products.                  �


At P & G Motors we carry most brake pads, shoes and
wheel cylinder for most popular models.
we also supply standard replacement disc rotors and also
performance drilled and slotted rotors.

supplying also master cylinders and brake boosters,

if you have a problem and not sure what it is and
care about your family’s safety we can check over the
brakes and let you know.

Air conditioning.                  �


Air conditioning parts include new valves,
valve caps, r134a retro fit kits, compressors, tx
valves, receiver driers and R134a gas, all parts must be
fitted by a licensed air conditioning fitter/mechanic.




Coolants and antifreeze/anti boil most
manufacture recommend to change coolant Every 12
One to keep the radiator and heater core
clean and two the chemicals in the coolant wear out and
degrade over a twelve month period

We stock most coolants for automotive use and comply
with manufactures specifications phone for specific



Any available gasket we can obtain we can
get or even make for you.

thermostat gaskets, manifold inlet/exhaust, head
gaskets, head set and VRS (valve regrind set) head sets,
head bolts, sump gaskets, rocker cover gaskets, most
auto sump gaskets, whole engine gasket sets just to name
a few best to ring for price and advise.

Recycled Parts.


Why go recycled (second hand), reconditioned
usually recycled and reconditioned parts have a
reasonable service life with the lower price tag

no matter what vehicle there is a part out there for
you and we can find it.

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