Fzj80 landcruiser no start no spark

We started to test spark coming out from the igntion coil at the distributor and no spark, we tested the coil had power and that the efi relay and fuse was ok, then it became a matter of using a scope to test that the crank sensors in the distributors where working, we scoped and found that all was good and that engine ecu located behind the glove box was receiving the signals, we then found that the ignitor next to the coil controls spark to the coil and the injector power, so we checked that there was power to the injectors was was present we then used a wiring diagram to pin point output the ignitor grin the ignition coil, the reading where not a normal output that you would expect so of course we blamed the engine computer for being silly and not doing what we wanted off course just blaming a part will get you into trouble if you don’t first test all the power and ground circuits to the engine ecu, so we did that and still nothing , we replaced the engine computer and still the same thing, by this stage I was shaking my head thinking I have really missed somthing, so it was back to scoping all the componentry again to check that I hadn’t missed something buy mistake