Hyundai Accent MC 1.6L G4ED engine – Nothing like seeing red Hyundai, Cat converter Glowing.


Hyundai Accent 2007 with a G4ED 1.6l Engine.


Upon driving the vehicle with a misfire in the engine back to the workshop, stopping we had found the exhaust to be glowing


the vehicle had a missfire which was felt through the vehicle and was quite obvious, we began by letting the vehicle exhaust cool down.
carried out a Spark test and found that 2 ignition coils didnt work at all no spark what so ever these coils in this vehicle are very common for playing up and there is bulletins for this engine that came out from the factory with champion spark plugs, to be removed and NGK to be fitted we believe that the champion spark plugs are killing the ignition coils due to drawing to much current and over loading the ignition coils. (we are not a fan of Champion spark plugs, always have issues)

2 igntion coils ordered and installed and the vehicle is now running ok.

Most vehicles are made to shut down the injector when a misfire is logged in the engine ECU, however the age of the vehicle, the engine ECU was not capable of knowing which cylinder which meant that the fault code flagged a random multiple misfire, which meant the injector was still operating putting fuel into the exhaust when the extra fuel in the exhaust came into contact with the heat the catalyst converter had a field day and glowed the red color due to extra fuel.

Now we like Hyundai vehicles, but usually manufacturers will do anything to stop damage to a cat converter, but seeing that this is happening this time the manufacturer/ Hyundai got it wrong.

So we have a nice repair costing the client a small fortune due to the engineers at Hyundai not spending at extra $5 to add in cylinder identification to the ecu to stop the firing of and injector in the event of a cylinder misfiring.  (talk about looking after he environment)

the more we learn the more we find that people/ company’s/individuals don’t really care about saving money and the environment, if they did we would live in such a different world.

Nothing like seeing red