Holden Commodore VE Series 1, 2006 – 2007
E38 – VZ & VE Holden Commodores with the L76 and L98 V8

Hardware/Service # (12597 121) – Silver Throttle Body
other service numbers 12597121, 12603892, 12589297, 19210738 that can be used to replace the 121
System OS# 12612381 & 12624402

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Holden Commodore VE Series 1, 2006-2010 – 6.0L V8 – Throttle body and ECU part number notes before you start

3) E38: Keep to flashing files from these year groups to the service numbers listed:
wire harness Same on a) b) c)

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Protected: Hyundai i30 – Dash EEPROM

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Check fault codes and record check vin numbers are correct

Install new ecu and connect power supply

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The vehicle came in with the check engine light and the vehicle had no power so the vehicle was in power limiting mode.

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Security lockout active, vehicle data mismatch

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VZ V8, PIM Module and PIM CODE, ECU swapping

ECU installation

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Toyota Hilux 2008 2TR-FE – ECU swap


2TR-FE – TOYOTA HILUX 2008 – ECU SWAP, the long story

This vehicle came into the workshop with check engine light illuminated, with fault codes:

  1. P0037 – Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
  2. P2238 – Oxygen (A/F) Sensor Pumping Current Circuit / Open (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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XC Barina ECU Changing – Z14XE MULTEC H

known as Corsa c- these vehicles come from 2001 to 2005holden-barina-xc-z14xe-ecu-swap

Z14xe – Delphi Delco HSFI-2.1 – 1.4l 16vMultec (H) – P1614, P1615, P1616.


  • Vin Codes with XCF08 & XCF68 Spain Built.

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Ts Astra ECU Changing – Z18XE Simtec71

known as Astra G- these vehicles come from 99 to 2005

Z18xe- Simtec71


  • there are 2 main variants z18xe with simtec 71 and a newer version called simtec 71.1
  • after 2003 the fan controller is different, use your Vin and program with GDS to update is the ecu version is wrong, there is no CAN setting for this and you will not find it in the Tech2 or tech2win,


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