Bosch Car service – Manufacturer’s warranty

 Your right to choose.1012374BoschSer_00000053567

changes to consumer law in 2010 confirmed that you have the right to choose who services your car.

Bosch car service has the expertise to carry out vehicle servicing in adherence to manufactures specifications and maintain your log book schedule.

Servicing at P & G Motors provides excellent value and wont void your vehicles manufacturer’s warranty.

Competence you can trust

Automotive technology  has changed rapidly, particularly over the last 10 years. Modern vehicles now utilise advance electrical systems to control vehicle functions. every thing from braking to headlights is now automated, including the advanced safety features.

To properly diagnose and maintain these complex systems, our technicians have access to advanced technical training and equipment directly from Bosch – a leader in automotive technology and the company behind many of the complex systems in your car.

You can trust the competence of our Bosch Car Service trained technicians. They’re always 100% focused on performing the highest level of vehicle servicing.

Standard Bosch car service inclusions:

  • A “one-stop-shop” for vehicle servicing and log book maintenance.
  • All services are carried out according to manufacturers specifications, ensuring your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is maintained.
  • The Bosch Car Service Nationwide Warranty Period is 12 Months or 20,000kms for products and repairs –  which ever comes first from the date specified on the invoice provided by Our Bosch Car Service Workshop.