P & G Motors is an independent Bosch Car Service and Repair Centre that has been established for over 35 years. We service all makes and models of Local, European and Japanese vehicles. If your car is a brand new one, we can service it without affecting your manufacturers statutory warranty.

Car servicing is the most essential aspect of good car maintenance

Regular car servicing is a vital part of maximizing the life span of your vehicle, and ensuring you avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.

“We have Expertise and the knowledge to achieve any job or repair that is put before us, Period!”

If you want a reliable and safe car that performs well, it’s important to look after it through regular servicing. Missing a car service to save money can be a false economy and could cost you more in the long term, as minor problems left unfixed can lead to major repairs.
At P & G Motors, We service your car we prefer to use genuine parts where possible how ever we only use quality after market parts brands, premium Shell lubricants and Cooper filtration. We always offer our Standard Warranty and guarantee on all workmanship performed.

So what makes us different?
We Pride our selves on giving the best quality and value for your money, with focusing on Real Customer Service.

At P & G Motors, we understand how important your car is to you, on a daily bases. After being in the auto repair trade for as long as we have, we know exactly what preventive maintenance your car needs.

We can help you determine and follow your car’s maintenance schedule and provide service recommendations tied directly to your vehicle’s scheduled service intervals.

No need to worry about your new car warranty

If your car is still within its warranty, you are not obligated to have it serviced at the dealership where you bought it.

Many motorists are not aware of new regulations put in place by the Department of Fair Trading, that ensure that the main dealerships were no longer to have a monopoly on the car servicing industry.Log Book Service Seven Hills

As it is your vehicle it is also your choice where you have it serviced. At P&G Motors we carry out the same type or Log Book Service, using manufacturer service schedules in order to ensure that we are offering you the correct service for your vehicle’s needs. All the spare parts that we use are compliant with your vehicles manufacturer service schedule.

After every routine service we carry out, your service book is stamped to ensures that your statutory warranty remains intact.

If your vehicle is out of its warranty period

If your car is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and it requires a minor or major service, we can help you also. You don’t need to visit your vehicles dealership and pay the high prices that they charge.

You should have your car serviced every 5,000KM, to ensure that all of the necessary operational aspects of the engine, such as oil, engine fluids and filters, are replaced. Getting your car properly serviced will result in better performance and fuel economy witch means you will save money on fuel and prevent unexpected repairs.