Do you have a hot air conditioner in your car?

Air conditioners from the vent should be from 4-9 deg if you have system is performing outside of this you should contact us for a comprehensive check off your air-conditioning system
From air con regas or replacement of a receiver dryer.
We use R134a refrigerant and can carry out regas
if you have even before been to a mechanic and had a regas in only a few months find that the refrigerant is almost depleted, you have a leak and the refrigerant will not leak in a good servicable system, if this is the case you have had a few regases with only leaving a sour taste in your mouth we can carry out leak testing, and get the system sealed.

Air conditioning Leak Testing

we have the equipment to test all air condition systems and carry out complete leak checks with nitrogen fill and leak testing, our leak tester is the best on the market and we pride our selves in being able to find any leak in any air conditioning system any time no longer do you have to rely on green trace dye in the oil to find leaks, usually the leaks are so small the green dye will not become apparent, this is why the nitrogen trace gas and leak test method make P & G Motors the most equip shop in seven hill to evaluate air con leaks.

Air conditioning Performance testing

using special equipment that we utilise to test the air conditioners performance, tools such as anemometers, temperature gauges, pressure gauges, we would say that we can evaluate any system fitted to a vehicle even retro fitted R12 systems, predominantly used on older vehicles.

Other services HVACcar air con circuits

  • Hose Repairs (repairs and remaking hoses)
  • TX valve replacement.
  • compressor replacement
  • evaporator repairs (dashboard removal)
  • Climate control Blend door diagnosis
  • Heater taps (manual, vacuum and electric)
  • Cooling system repairs

The more technology that becomes into vehicles we now have a new terms which has come about in the last decade called HVAC, it stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. So even when your air conditioner is cold more vehicle now contain pollen filter which over time without a good service schedule they become partially blocked, this tends not be a huge issue however the manufacturer has made a vehicle and should be checked when the air flow performance is reduced.

 Previous vehicle Repairs

2005 Prado air conditioning repair