An LPG service differs from your standard car service, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get them both done with us?

An LPG system is specialised and needs a separate rigorous safety and component check. Your LPG service should be carried out regularly, usually 20,000km or every 12 months. Be sure to maintain your regular car service schedule too though because it is important your entire car is in good running condition.


LPG Service

A regular LPG service helps to maintain your vehicle while increasing its performance and durability.

Any work carried out on your LPG system must be completed by an LPG accredited technician P & G Motors is accredited for LPG conversion and service and are able to fix any problem and have your vehicle performing as efficiently as possible.

LPG fuelled cars should maintain a service routine to avoid varying issues that include running lean, running rich, ignition system problems and LPG convertor failure.

Running lean symptoms include hard starting, poor idling, poor acceleration and possible backfiring. Running rich symptoms include hard starting and excessive fuel consumption that can lead to increased costs when refuelling. Ignition system problems include worn or old spark plugs and weak or defective coils.

Overtime, LPG system components can wear out. One of the most important components that needs to be regularly checked is the LPG convertor. On average they have a 10 year life expectancy but it should be checked thoroughly during every LPG service.

Also note that your LPG tank needs to be tested every 10 years to make sure it is structurally sound.

P & G Motors in LPG conversion and installation if you are thinking about making the switch.


LPG System types

We can service all LPG system types including:astra_lpg_tank

  • Postive feed
  • Negitive feed
  • vapour injection
  • Liquid Injection

Brands Covered

  • Landi Renzo
  • Orbital Gas
  • Impco
  • King gas
  • MED


LPG Tank Testing.

We can have your tank tested in house, after 10 years of the LPG tank being in the vehicle it must be checked and Inspected, we have a mobile service that comes to our factory to test and replace relief valves and inspect the internal integrity of the tank.

Tank Test costs are as follows

$220 + GST per tank.

Please note that some multi valves can cost an extra $100,
Some Elko Valves are special order.

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