Toyota Kluger GSU40 2008 – Fault Codes P0171 & P0174 Fuel System Lean Bank 1 & Bank 2

never a walk in the park with a vehicle that has 245.000kms

Fuel Trims Are Adding Fuel As The System Is Running Lean
Conduct Road Test And Found That The Fuel Trims Are Causing The Check Engine Light To Come On

The Fuel Trims Are Suspect That The Systems Has Air Leaks Of Air Flow Meter Fault It Also Shows That There Is A Fuel Delivery Problem
Disconnect Fuel Lines And Connect A Fuel Pressure Gauge
Found Fuel Pressure Is Solid At 300kpa, Slightly Lower Than Expected We Noted That Autodata Says(spec Is 300-350kpa) This Is Correct
The Same Engine In An Aurion Is 350-400kps Specification
So A Little Low There,
Cleaned Air Flow Meter And Fuel Trims Have Come Down From +35% To +20%
Carried Out A Throttle Body Clean And Upper Cylinder Clean
Put In Some Lifter Free Into The Oil Ass The Idle Has Slightly Unstable Carried Out Cranking Compression Test And Showed With Tolerance,

After Some Time Running The Vehicle The Fuel Trims Have Come Down To +10% To +15%
Getting Closer When Accelerating The Engine It Felt Sluggish,
So An Air Mass Meter Was Purchased And Installed (after Market ) It Was Found That The Fuel Trims Where In Fact Worse, So The After Market Crap Unit Was Sent Back And A Genuine Unit Was Installed!!
At Last The Fuel Trims And Acceleration Was Back Fuel Trims Average At +3% Mark

Drove The Vehicle Home 35 Min Drive And The Vehicle Felt Sluggish Again, Tested The Fuel Trims To See If Any Changes And Found That Fuel Trims Had Gone Worse Than Ever Back To +44% A Fuel Trims and Air Flow Meter Test Was Done Again And Only The Fuel Delivery Side Was Bad
Remove The Seat And Gained Access To The Fuel Pump And Found The Pre Filter Had A Layer Of Mud And Pet Hair,cleaned The Pre filter And Washed The Fuel Pump Bowl Refitted To Vehicle And Test Driven Again For The 35 Mins And Found The Vehicle Is Now Free From Errors, And All Power Is Restored At 200 hp