Wiper Blade Safety

Wiper Blade Checks – Is it time to change? if your wiper blades are not one wipe on inspection they are either dirty or worn out, during a service we look at the wiper blade quality and if they are not one wipe wipers we recommend a change

Wiper blades are made up of 3 sections

the anatomy of a wiper blade

Wiper damage and the causes of worn wiper blades A Good wiper blade will run smoothly over the screen with out juddering and immediately return to park position Yes or No?Do your wiper blades have any deterioration cracks or brittleness do they sit square on the windscreenYes or No?Wiper blades under high pressure from the wiper arms will leave pressure marks and will not wipe in certain spots leaving smearing on the windscreenYes or No?Is the wiper blade bracketing system free but not too sloppy, loose wiper blades can cause the wiper refill to not use the cutting edge of the wiper refill

Yes or No?

What we can do for you is change the wiper with the new full flex wipers, or one wipe wipers.
Our one wipe wiper stock is complete from 14” to 27” to suit all vehicle

Ultimate Wiping Performance, Maximum Safety
Integrated Aerowind spoiler design creates maximum blade down force even at high speeds and under critical conditions.

Longest Life
Bracketless construction with even distribution of the force combined with Bosch Twin Rubber Technology provides a 20% improvement in service life compared to conventional wiper blades.

Smooth Quiet Operation
The fully synthetic Bosch Twin Rubber technology wipes chatter free.

Easy Installation
Patented Quick-Clip connector system for easy & fast installation.