P & G Motors repairs on all cylinder head problems, including head gasket leaks & blown head gaskets.

A blown head gasket is typically the end result of another part failure and/or the vehicle overheating. The procedure that needs to be carried out is as follows:

Remove the cylinder head/s, pressure test the cylinder head/s and inspect for cracks or corrosion, remove valve springs and valves to inspect for wear, inspect entire cooling system including radiator, hoses/pipes, thermostat, belts, water pump, coolant tanks/caps etc.

Our Services For Head gasket repairsCylinder-head-maching-and-lash-adjustment

  • Remove and replace of head gaskets.
  • In-House Cylinder Head Machining. (Milling & Grinding)
  • Valve testing and valve seat repairs.
  • Valve stem Oil seal replacement, on car and off car.
  • Cylinder head pressure testing
  • Aluminium Cylinder head welding (eroded or cracked)
  • Camshaft Replacement
  • Hydraulic Lifter machining or replacement.
  • Solid Bucket lash adjustments (Toyota style)
  • Cylinder head and Head gasket new parts supply.

We use only quality parts on your vehicle.

All work comes with our 12 Month/20,000km Warranty.

Warranty form which is provided after every job. click below

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