Mercedes Benz Oil charts

After trawling the internet for hours looking for a specification of oil for Volkswagen DSG gearboxs, instead i found Mercedes benz oil chart, which shows all the specifications Mercedes recommend for what particular frame chassis. having owning an S -class Mercedes it poked my interest to see if was using the minimum or maximum specification that we currently use in the workshop today, i did find that even in a slightly older vehicle with our Sydney climate i could use a slightly heavier oil viscosity, having using at least a 229.3 spec oil, i still wasn’t happy with amount of zero weight oils such as 0w-40 in my opinion this is far to thin for Sydney’s climate hence we have been suing 5w40’s and 10w40’s mostly.

So just to be sure next time you need to find the oil specifications for any lubricant, such as engine oil, auto oil or coolant, be sure to open up the pdf and check what specifications you must use as a minimum, check the viscosity chart for temperature of your climate and also remember that an engine that has done 20,000 kms is totally different to and engine that has done 200,000 kms.  Apart from all the above information the only other thing as a repairer we can tell you is to listen with your ears and notice what sounds the engine makes this will help in giving you the best outcome.

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