VE Commodore Calais, Electric Mirrors – High Series With heated mirrors and Memory function.

Holden Calais VE 2006 Electric Mirrors – Passengers side Mirror Not working

As Vehicle come into Our workshop its always an opportunity to be able to check out a system with the Genuine Scan tool Such As the Tech2.
Under Body Systems there is is a few lines that allow you to check the live data of the centre console switch, which is great to check the function of the switch

The Symptom,

The passengers side mirror was not working, ok no signs of obvious damage, and no direction function at all, usually a client will say it wont work on one axis, Etc. so thinking about what the issue could be an how to break it down i come up with the following;

  1. No power, to that side of the vehicle.
  2. The switch in the center wasn’t clicking to control the left side
  3. The mirror was broken 

1. Tech2 – Quick Checks.

During plugging in and have a good look around through the memory seat module and body module to check for the faults which there was none, i decided that either the switch that control left to right was faulty there was a section in live data to check this and when operated the function was working according to the Tech2 – scan tool, this means the door trim will have to come of and check for power etc.

2. Power Checks.

The door trim was removed and mirror had 5 wires, checked the wires for power 12v and a good ground i also found a 6-7 volt wire in the middle, thinking that the wires consisted of power, ground and the heater circuit, i couldn’t determine the split up of the 5 wires, so i checked a wiring diagram and found the following,

depending on the model you are working on depends on the wiring.

Standard Mirror 3 wire, nothing fancy just a mirror that goes in 2 axis – up and down and left and right (what more do you want)

High Series – Calais Mirror 5 Wire, The mirror is controlled on the can bus or a bus of some sort, the wiring diagram did not specifically show this.

3. Swapping the mirrors

Seeing that the mirror had signals from the switch which was verified with the Tech2 power and ground circuits checked, thinking i had a faulty mirror, a quick ring to the wreckers to find that the Calais mirror is rare, we then removed the door trim from the drivers side and swapped the mirrors over to find a quite bizarre finding, the drivers mirror was now operating on the passengers side of the vehicle, the passengers mirror that was plugged in to the drivers side still did not operate. this showed that the mirror was coded on a serial bus type network.

After Learning the above is was determined that the wiring and connector plugs where good on both sides of the vehicle, the next thing to do was to scope the serial data line to make sure i was getting a signal to that side for that function, this would help determine to replace the mirror or computer module fault.

4. Connecting Scope – Middle wire

Passengers side mirror

Drivers side Mirror

VE Commodore/Calais High Series Mirror Wiring diagram


5. Scope out comes

When the scope was connected it was found that when pressing each individual direction on the mirror control a different set of serial data lines came about.

2 channels on the scope to determine that both mirrors receive the same signals which concludes mirrors are coded.

Passengers side right button pressed.

Drivers Side – Right Button Pressed.


Conclusion and solution.

Finally the part you have all been waiting for after reading the above you should have already come to realised that the controller in the passengers mirror is faulty, the mirror is quite expensive so a second hand unit is to be found and installed.

The mirror was indeed fitted and the mirror works. All of the work above to find that the mirror is faulty, but i just like to know the reason why before ordering parts and commencing replacement work.

The programming for passengers side dip when reverse selected is also a simple procedure.

Passengers side reverse dip programming.

The reverse dip is controlled in the MSM – Memory Seat Module.

What you need to do is set the mirror and seats as you normally would, and save the position. then put the vehicle in reverse gear and adjust your mirror until satisfied then carry out the save position, not sure on the beeps but i will update.