AH Astra P2120 & Stalling Z18XER



Holden Astra, AH, 1.8l Z18XER


Engine light on, and stalling sometimes when stopping at traffic lights

The Vehicle had been bought to the workshop to find out why the engine light is coming on, a quick scan revealed a p2120 error.


Diagnostics:astra ah stalling p2120

Holden came into workshop with engine check light and complaining of stalling

the fault code is

P2120 accelerator Pedal position Sensor 1 and 2 signal incorrect ratio

we had driven the vehicle and carried out live data and found that with in specifications and it performing ok, so is there a correlation between the stalling and this fault, we decided to clear the faults and let the customer drive the vehicle to see if the problem still existed, it turns out the very next day the fault occurred again, we got access to the vehicle and checked the fault code again the P2120, good, same problem same fault, we thought about the older TS Astra and the air flow meter fault code that is recorded when the engine stalls when the throttle body is dirty, as there is no hard circuit fault, we had chosen to clean the throttle body first and let the client drive the vehicle to check if the problem still exists.

Final Checks & Summary:

No final checks as the client was testing this vehicle, the summary was that after 4 wees of driving no stalling issues. we are calling this one fixed and one for the memory banks for next time.