Izuzu DPF Regeneration Process


Izuzu Truck NLR Series, 4JJ1D Engine


DPFE light on dash board and the manual Procedure can not be initiated in cabin.


We have used the Bosch KTS scan tool for work on this truck as the scan tool is cpable of 12 and 24 Volt systems.
We selected the truck and engine and carried to test the engine fault codes and cleared. The next step is to select DPFE regeneration adpatation. This proceedure can be done is a fast or slow mode, ( Slow mode can take up to 2.5 hours).
The KTS will bring up the next screen with particulate filter status, Engine speed, exhaust gas tempreatures and differential pressures.
Start the vehicle Click the go Button (f2) and the engine will fast idle and start to add extra fuel into the particulate filter to start the burn off process during this time the fumes being emitted from the exhuast will smell as the excess particulate matter will be burnt off.
The Process time will depend on how blocked the particulate filter is. Once the process has begun you will notice that the exhuast temps will rise and the differential pressure will be reduced, when this figure reduces to 0.00 the burn of process will be complete, The cool off process will begin.
Once both process have been complete, it is recomeneded to reset the fault codes if still present and reset the “time since last regeneration” which can be reset in funtion tests menu on the KTS.
Turn off the igntion and remove scan tool, Re start the truck and all lights are now extinguished.
It is recomended to recheck the engine oil level after the regeneration process