Toyota Hilux KUN16 – 1KD Diesel – 500,000kms later

Normally when testing the performance on a Diesel engine with lack of power a boost leak would be found or a cracked intercooler, this vehicle has amassed 500,000kms and had never been cracked open servicing had been conducted by us since the word go, full synthetic 5/40 engine oil, upper cylinder cleans every service and no catch can present, here is some photos after 500,000kms

The vehicle now has full performance back to the engine and client now happy injectors and fuel supply is still in perfect condition after 500,000kms

Throttle blade – dirty but not too bad
Intake tube to inlet manifold after the egr valve
A good portion is blocked – 🤔
Intake ports into the cylinder head (good side)

Intake ports into the cylinder head (the not so good side)

Data shot after the intake was clean ( didn’t capture before) <a little silly>

After all said and done the vehicle had done extremely well