Ford Falcon GT Boss 290 – Modular v8 5.4 litre cracked bore in engine block – only ever seen one

The First block i saw being cracked was a FPV FG F6 (Falcon Barra Engine 6 cylinder in an FG Falcon)

This Engine – Ford BF Falcon GT FPV GT (For Those GUY’s) had been rebuilt many times over now, the last time was done by us and so much corrective action had already been undertaken.

This Being the Third Time the engine has been stripped down, Here are my thoughts and actions of how it all went down!

The last time i had gone through the engine and rebuilt with all the below addressed and solved

  1. Valve Springs. – coil bind (after finding out that head had been done before)
  2. Timing chains that had snapped (oil issue) – Now has MMR Billet guides and HD Chains (no issues since)
  3. New oil Pump and clearance for pick up addressed.

The Engine Sent back to be Fitted.

It was 2 months after we had delivered the engine when we received a phone call about this Engine making a noise and then misfiring.
They had started it up and sounded like lifters tapping the noise became worse and that’s when he called said it was misfiring on a cylinder pulled cylinder 6 plug and found the earth electrode pushed up.
A Camera installed and it was found that the intake valve on that cylinder snapped, off.

Now Strip it down

Now this may not have happened if the vehicle did not sit around before being started for 1 month, the coolant slowly seeping into that cylinder could have potentially, cause some drying up of the valve guides and caused the jam which made the rocker snap off and head of the valve ending up in the piston, which was not known at the time, after all it came in with busted chains through the rocker cover (Great big hole in that one)

Now these GT engines are hand made in Australia. Differences between standard boss 290 and GT Boss 290’s The GT have bigger camshafts and 3mm collet groove higher on the valve stem, (hard to buy – near impossible since Ford left Australia)

This is where the drama lies, 1 getting parts and 2 finding the correct information when finding the measurements, it was very hush hush from FPV (now deceased – They did an amazing job) (( At Making it go just that little bit better but it was all custom))

4th time is has been Stripped and a new cylinder head had been prepared for this thing,
All New Inlet valves and Cylinder 6 With new Exhaust valves,

Got the New cylinder head ready and the last step was cylinder 6 piston needed to be replaced, Easy from here off comes the sump and the piston and rod pulled out upon inspection it was noticed that the bore had from rust down the bore.
Sure enough clean that off as there is always coolant left in these engines, you cant get it all out unless you tip the block upside down.
When wiping this V8 mongrel down that when the bore felt strange and was looked like Coolant started to wipe off and the essence of a line emerged, (oh Shit)

The Photos Below Show the piston/bore side and the coolant side of that cylinder.
Trust me I’m Kicking my self that it was not picked up last time, the engine block got hot washed and the coolant mark was not witnessed.

Welcome to My world with the wired ones,

Time for a new Block and swap it all over again.

ill update again, on how the build goes 6/10/2021.