2018 up Ford Ranger electric power steering rack programming

been here before where you can’t program are you an electric steering rack on a new unit on a Ford Ranger you think you gonna put some as-built data in there and makes it work now you need to get online and you need to program it

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The First block i saw being cracked was a FPV FG F6 (Falcon Barra Engine 6 cylinder in an FG Falcon)

This Engine – Ford BF Falcon GT FPV GT (For Those GUY’s) had been rebuilt many times over now, the last time was done by us and so much corrective action had already been undertaken.

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Ford Falcon body control modules FG1 & FG2

A vehicle came in this week and BCM replaced with new unit supplied from ford, a local locksmith had carried out key programming and parameter reset, got the vehicle started (cool)

Post starting the vehicle, the vehicle locks did not work correctly and the BCM configuration thought it was a 4wd and a wagon ( no way)
1. the door ajar switch is open when door closed and closed when door open.
so the BCM is wired differently or opposite in the FG2 Compared with the FG1

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Ford Mustang 2016 5.0l – air con not cold


Air con not cold when outside temps are over 28degs

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The vehicle came in with one key and can only use the drivers door by turning manual lock

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BF Falcon V8 Boss 260, Missing at idle, bad fuel trims P0171


Ford Falcon BF XR8 5.4L 4 valves per cylinder 2008


The vehicle drove into the workshop running the vehicle was running ok but not smooth, better when cold, than when warm, hesitation when on take off.
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