Nissan Navara D40 – Clutch pedal box and firewall repair plate, CAD model & PDF

Just a Quick Update – May 2024
We have now Done over 30 vehicles since 2018 – Non to date have recracked or failed.

D40 clutch firewall re-enforcement plate.

2 cars in the same week have been brought to us to repair the firewall due to clutch pedal box cracking apart and the firewall cracking, surely this is a common issue so we spent a little time on the internet looking for a repair procedure and came up with nothing, so during the first repair the decision was made to 3d model the part and upload it so next time it happens there is any easy way to find the fabricated plate, and also to show the issues that are effected with the vehicle.

Cracked clutch pedal box D40 Nissan Navara

The fuel filter that is front of the clutch master cylinder has to be removed and lines blocked/capped off.

After removing the clutch master cylinder and linkages from the pedal box we inspected the bushes ok on the first one the second pedal box the bushes where worn and new bushes installed.
both pedal boxes where slightly different the stronger pedal box being the older navara, the newer 2010 model they had made it lighter with less steel so this one cracked with less of a heavy clutch pedal feel.

welded up and ground back with face to firewall smooth. (before painting)

now for the firewall, cracks in the firewall where bad so the plate will cover the cracks they can be welded and ground back but it is very hard to get access to grind back so the plate was installed and welded around the outside so when the pedal box and plate with master cylinder are installed the firewall has no flex as it is sandwiched between both parts and made more rigid in doing so.

Plate drawing pdf download

Download pdf to print out

With all this said and done, replace the clutch when it starts to feel heavy and this cracking of the firewall and the pedal box will not happen.