In the Workshop As I’m Writing, sitting in a bay is a lovely Mazda 3 BL, Diesel in the shop this week and it has a DPF pressure sensor that is going Haywire 1 minute it’s at 200 kPa next minute it’s at 5 kpa can’t make up its mind when it gets hot.

A Call to Mazda to find out how much one and was and they said it was $1,500 which, you know me I told them I would not RIP off My Client and that price was absolutely stupid.

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Nissan dualis – 11/2012 key cut and program

X-tool carried out bcm read for pin code

Used can type 2 to program remote and transponder worked at same time, must program all keys at the same time other wise Un programmed keys will not work

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Nissan Navara D40 – Clutch pedal box and firewall repair plate, CAD model & PDF

Just a Quick Update – May 2024
We have now Done over 30 vehicles since 2018 – Non to date have recracked or failed.

D40 clutch firewall re-enforcement plate.

2 cars in the same week have been brought to us to repair the firewall due to clutch pedal box cracking apart and the firewall cracking, surely this is a common issue so we spent a little time on the internet looking for a repair procedure and came up with nothing, so during the first repair the decision was made to 3d model the part and upload it so next time it happens there is any easy way to find the fabricated plate, and also to show the issues that are effected with the vehicle.

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