VE Commodore V6 Timing P0009 – chain rattle after new chain installed – OE Cloyes kit – Rubbish.

Initial Repairs to vehicle

So your typical commodore having the fault light on and P0009: Engine position sensor bank 2 fault is displayed,

No problems at all call the guys you buy your engine parts from (Precision engine parts) ask the parts guy on the other end of the phone for the right kit to be delivered and complete the job – Sounds too simple!

The New chain kit came in a cloyes box complete with all tensioners, chain guides, all 3 new Chains and Gears (Crank,Cam, idlers)
Upon Inspection after removing the old timing gears/chains etc.
The New Vs Old parts checked for wear and tear – to check for lack of lubrication and too see any abnormality.
All looked worn but in reasonable to state that no tampering or a vehicle with 120,000kms actually had that – being a used car.

Visual Inspection revealed that all the old/original Oem guides all had Cloyes written on them, cool a sigh of relief that the kit is good quality and a bit of trust went into the new parts.

finish the job hand the car back 2 days later with a slight knock at the top end, suspecting a idler bearing on the fan belt system was making a noise.

Removal and further Inspection

After removing the fan belt and the noise stayed the same, The inlet manifold and rocker covers removed to further inspect.

Below is the series of images on the parts that made this vehicle make more noise when it left than when it came In, we where all shocking our heads in disbelief

the noise is almost at the end of the video

Chain Deflection NEW vs OLD

new shit cloyes tensioner 17mm deflection
new chain, new guides and old tensioner.

Tensioner Inspection and Comparison.

I’m sorry to say, yes it is my job too look, but it’s not my job to engineer the parts, it is the supplier to check the parts if they now source them from india as they want to save money, hurt more engines and charge more, (wankers)

tensioners be careful reuse the old if the new is not good
Difference in the Ve commodore chain tensioner click off to release
Installation position – tensioner locked back
this pictures shows the deflection – if you can see it you where better than me the first time around

The last image shows the ratchet detent movement window ( not exactly sure of the technical term) of the length measured, 8mm on the new tensioner and 6.3mm on the old OE Tensioner.
Which means that if the engine doesn’t have the exact amount of oil pressure and thickness to sustain a tensioner position that keeps the chain tight, we are going to have pre mature wear problems.
The Tensioners where checked for leak back when filled up with oil and they where both similar in pressure applied and the travel time to bottom back to home.

Every measurement was out by a millimetre, so a mill here and a mill there equals up to a noisy engine and twice the chain deflection.

due to the rattle the engine oil was already sparkling, so upon completion the engine oil and filter was changed again. (all at a cost to me)

Conclusion and follow up with Supplier

So basically had to do the job twice, however happy I learned something from it.

Next step to inform the supplier (Precision engine parts) of the issue, well that was a waste of time, they sell heaps of them around Australia and never had an issue.
I was Told that if there is a big issue that needs addressing that i would have to take it up with Cloyes in the US.
They was i was treated after spending good money on Correct parts would make you cry, not a care in the world only to Flick me off like it doesn’t matter,
Complaints handling in this Company is terrible and RUDE!
In that moment I could of rammed the phone down the guys throat, typical Aussie not giving a shit.

After this i was despondent for 2 days while i sat down and created this post about faulty Parts and bad customer service.

Hopefully This message will get back to someone important if not, glad you read to this point to understand the motor vehicle repair industry’s frustration.