Volkswagen Amarok Service Schedule Q18

The Real Deal on Volkswagen Amarok Service schedules

As the service manual doesn’t clearly state what should be done.

It is to every ones disgust that the service schedule book, that is given to you when you purchase an Amarok, the book has features to fill the Proof of service, great which every book should have, but what they don’t explain in the ‘SERVICE SCHEDULE’ book is what each service needs or includes, like when does the cabin filter get inspected and replaced when does the fuel fuel have to be changed.

To me and our team it would be very nice if the vehicle was Australian delivered with an Australian service schedule, written in the ‘SERVICE SCHEDULE’ book.

We guess that’s why you have to be ‘in the know’ when servicing Volkswagen’s, Remember this was the vehicle for the people. we think not –

We have traced the internet for service schedules for vehicles before and it has been found what the service schedules are – read on

3.1 Information reference flexible or fixed service

Service identification ⇒ page 38
Flexible service ⇒ page 38
Fixed service ⇒ page 39
Service interval display ⇒ page 39

Amarok service schedule ESI EN590 fuel qualityComplete VW Amarok Service & Maintenance – PDF Download.

3.1.1 Service identification

– Referring to vehicle data sticker ⇒ page 59 , check if vehicle
is equipped with following PR numbers:
The PR number is decisive for the service intervals
⇒ page 40 .
Model year PR number Service
► 2012 QG1 Flexible service
► 2012 QG0, QG2 Fixed service
2013 ► QI6 Flexible service
2013 ► QI8 Flexible service (most vehicles will be this one in  Australia)
2013 ► QI1, QI2, QI3, QI4, QI5, QI7 Fixed service

If you have a twin turbo 2.0l with CNEA as engine code it will be the Q18 Flexible service schedule.

Types of services to be carried out

♦ Abbreviations for scope of service: ♦

1) Oil: Oil change service,
2) Int.: Interval service,
3) Insp.: Inspection service after 2 years or 40,000kms

1st service is oil change at 15.000kms second service is interval service at 30.000kms and repeat. – be it that you can recomend any parts if needed during the service, such as brakes and other consumables if needed.

according to Q18 specification for flexible service, however most times you take the vehicle to a volkswagon Service shop they write in what you next service is with out regard to flexible service schedule, so who is really write and wrong. my opinion is if the oil is black change it full stop.

But let look at filters because that really what we want to know the extra bits not just the oil and filter.

Filter replacement intervals

Engine Oil and Filter – Every 15,000 kms or 12 months regardless of kms

Air filter – 45,000 kms

Fuel Filter – 60,000 kms

Pollen Filter – 30,000 kms

Timing Belt and tensioner – 120,000 kms – 48 months according to VW  if dusty environment check every 40,000 kms page 148 in complete VW Amarok service and maintenance pdf.


Amarok service schedule toothed belt condition check

120,000kms Amarok service schedule toothed belt & condition check

PDF Service Schedule Downloads

Service work and scope of service on volkswagen Amarok in australia – Sections of VW Amarok Book that relate to service Schedule.

Complete VW Amarok Service & Maintenance – all countries

So if all of this has helped, say thank you!