Engine Oil Pressure

The Testing of a blocked oil pick up


Volkswagon Golf 2001, 1.6L AKL engine


The vehicle came in on a tow truck. when cranking the engine seemed to have no compression. Read More

Reliable mechanic in Seven Hills

Need a reliable mechanic with a one stop shop?

Seven hills, Pendle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Winston hills, Toongabbie, Blacktown and surrounding suburbs, Our new workshop facility has been open for 3 years, and has under gone so many new changes as of recent times putting our workshop in a niche category for expanded services.

Services being offered at our seven hills workshop has doubled with the purchase of some new equipment, we can now cater for the following services;

  • Complete Computer Diagnosis.
  • Complete Safety analysis.
  • Rego inspections.
  • Minor and Major Service.
  • Log book service.
  • Steering and suspension.
  • Wheel alignments.
  • Air Conditioning Service.
  • Mufflers and exhaust systems.
  • Cooling systems.
  • Tyres, fitting and balancing.
  • Cylinder head service and machining
  • Disc and drum machining, on and off car.
  • Emmisions repairs
  • Drivability problems.
  • Fuel system cleeaning.
  • On car auto flush.
  • Injector cleaning. (off car)
  • Brake Repairs.
  • Electrical system repairs.
  • Preventitive maintenance.
  • DPF Renergations

And that is to list the main topics on a vehicle that we cater for, can you local mechanic provide a comprehenisve list of repair types that are conducted in house?
We have already found the answer for you and we are proud to say that our workshop is one of the most complete workshops around.


Dangers of running a low profile tyre flat

The dangers of running new style low profile wheels flat can be dangerous, in the picture below you will see how a VE commodore with 19 inch wheels suffered from a blow out tyre.
The tyre was on the rear of the vehicle and the geometry of the suspension on the VE Commodore has a -1.00 degree of camber so when the tyre is flat the pressure on the inner side wall is the target. The Damage to the tyre is non repairable and even if the tyre had not cut through all the way the inner side wall of the tyre would have still suffered great damage.

It is P & G Motors recommendation to visually check the tyres for pressure every time you drive the vehicle and check the pressure once or twice a month.

We believe that showing you pictures of our work history will help you understand the importance of correct maintenance and service of your vehicle. Read More