Door lock wireless control – Hiace DTC Check / Clear

A Simple way
Key in and out x2
Key to IGN ON & OFF
Turn IGN ON & OFF x9
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Programming Instructions for Mitsubishi Pajero AM Remote 2000-2008



Series / BadgeBuild date fromTo
NM Badges GLS06/200010/2002
NP (K76T, K77T) Badges GLX-R06/20022008
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Subaru 1997 – 1999 Key fob Training with one working remote

Thanks to Chris from Au for this information Feb 2006. Note that it is completely unchecked and unconfirmed by me.

NON-US Foresters, 1997 to at least 1999, standard keyless central locking remote control only, no alarm.

Subaru 2000 Model hard to find key
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Ford Falcon body control modules FG1 & FG2

A vehicle came in this week and BCM replaced with new unit supplied from ford, a local locksmith had carried out key programming and parameter reset, got the vehicle started (cool)

Post starting the vehicle, the vehicle locks did not work correctly and the BCM configuration thought it was a 4wd and a wagon ( no way)
1. the door ajar switch is open when door closed and closed when door open.
so the BCM is wired differently or opposite in the FG2 Compared with the FG1

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Nissan dualis – 11/2012 key cut and program

X-tool carried out bcm read for pin code

Used can type 2 to program remote and transponder worked at same time, must program all keys at the same time other wise Un programmed keys will not work

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Mazda 3 BL – key programming

B series mustang remote ID63 transponder

Key diy remote programmed with xtool

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The vehicle came in with one key and can only use the drivers door by turning manual lock

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2005 Rodeo remote programming

A client came in this week, for us to program a new remote,

we used the Tech2 system to program, we looked under 2005 rodeo there was no car made in that year, The vehicle looked like an RA rodeo,

We found that using the ANTI THEFT SYSTEM with a 2000 model jackeroo, just like the TF rodeo,
you will need to immobiliser code and then you can follow the steps to program remote.

RA Rodeo, remote type for programming

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BMW E46 key fob reprogramming

this works for e46 318i used twice now 6/5/2015
Remote Key Re-Initialise – If a key fails to operate remotely, it will have to be re-initialised (all keys in sequence at the same time)

1. Get in and “close all doors”
2. Turn ignition on & off quickly (no more than 5 seconds) to start the process. Next action must take place within 30 seconds

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Toyota Remote Programming

ALL Toyota Key Remote Programming.
1. Start with the key out of the ignition, drivers door is open all others closed and
drivers door is unlocked.

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