Every now and then a vehicle comes in with a weird issue that you have to be creative and work out a new test method for working out the plan for repair,

The vehicle, came in with a fault code
P0340 Intake camshaft position (CMP) sensor ‘A’ circuit (Bank 1 or single sensor) Pending
the vehicle when cold would start and then stall, if restarted the vehicle would fire up and run with no issue at all,

Live Data was checked and it was foudn that the Live Data Pid for cam synchronisation would say yes and then in the next framde say no, which ment the vehicle, cut fuel and shut down, This was captured.

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Protected: Hyundai i30 – Dash EEPROM

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Hyundai Elantra 2011 with ABS/ESP and EPS. 

Symptom and diagnosis.

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