LDV D90 – Service Reset in instrument cluster – maintenance expired reset

Long awaited LDV service resets there has been little information about these vehicles online that’s about to change.
These great cars have come across the seas to our country and now have been a part of us for a while, but the lack of knowledge outside the dealer network and the lack of transparency it’s shocking for a company that wants to get it name out 

We at P&G Motors & Bosch car service we have waited 18months for a new updated software to be released, to reset the LDV D90 and G10 models, the vehicle go by the other brand name Maxus D90 and Maxus G10 for vans.
so try the number 1 service centre in seven hills for your next LDV service

One thing we did find strange is the instrument cluster resets by 5000km intervals and the centre screen service intervals are 10,000kms, this is some what of a contradiction.

Listed below is the x-tool procedure used to reset the instrument cluster maintenance reset. (it works too)

LDV D90 – Maintenance expired Screen when ignition first turned on
This is centre screen service resets that can be done by the owner as a reminder
select Maxus then D90
press of a button and wait a second
The maintenance interval mileage is now 5000kms

Awaiting to find out if you can reset the maintenance interval on the LDV D90 twice if you get 10000kms