Long awaited LDV service resets there has been little information about these vehicles online that’s about to change.
These great cars have come across the seas to our country and now have been a part of us for a while, but the lack of knowledge outside the dealer network and the lack of transparency it’s shocking for a company that wants to get it name out 

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BMW F30 2014-on Manual Service light Reset – CBS Reset

BMW 320i F30 Service light Reset 

Sometimes you may not have the latest software for the vehicle you are working on, when resetting a service light on a 2015 BMW 320i F30 model the other day this was just so, We have Rheingold so that was enough to lookup the manual reset procedure, which is listed below.
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Timing belt light reset kun16 hilux

Have you ever done the job on the car and realised where do i find the information to do the simple reset for a light?

How the TBELT light works

The TBelt light on the KUN16 Toyota, Hilux become activated at 150,000kms there is two different dash board models, the standard and the large lcd display, listed below is the reset procedure to cancel the tbelt light after the timing belt job has been done. Read More