Dangers of running a low profile tyre flat

The dangers of running new style low profile wheels flat can be dangerous, in the picture below you will see how a VE commodore with 19 inch wheels suffered from a blow out tyre.
The tyre was on the rear of the vehicle and the geometry of the suspension on the VE Commodore has a -1.00 degree of camber so when the tyre is flat the pressure on the inner side wall is the target. The Damage to the tyre is non repairable and even if the tyre had not cut through all the way the inner side wall of the tyre would have still suffered great damage.

It is P & G Motors recommendation to visually check the tyres for pressure every time you drive the vehicle and check the pressure once or twice a month.

We believe that showing you pictures of our work history will help you understand the importance of correct maintenance and service of your vehicle.