Resetting procedure – Park Assist Sensor

  1. switch to on mode and press parking button 10 times
  2. switch ignition off
  3. hold the parking button on and switch ignition on wait until a wired/ long beep noise is emitted though stereo and then it is done.
  4. ignition on and off to test and make sure the green light stops flashing
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This is new vehicle to our workshop and it is always a hard to know what features a vehicle has since most of the time They always come in not working, So does the vehicle have Active Cruise control or Collision Protection or Collision Protection Plus.
There is nothing in the Vehicles Log Books that show the features of the vehicle equipment, it requires you to log online and find out through the manufactures portal.

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Toyota Hiace GDH300 Series – Front Radar sensor Calibration

Front Radar sensor Calibration – Preparation phase

The Vehicle had came in from a panel shop with the front radar module replaced so typically the unit had to be recalibrated, (this also needs to be done if the grille has been removed and replaced, modified etc)

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