Nissan  Navara, D40 yd25ddt, DPF Light on. (read the whole story not the fault you think it would be!)


A client of ours had mentioned that the vehicle had poor fuel economy and came in for a service we had check a few items such as fuel pressure and the infamous engine breather this vehicle did not have a catch can. 2 weeks later the vehicles DPF light had come on, this is where that fun started to work out what fault codes where displayed and why this could have happened only 2 weeks after checking faults codes and couldn’t find any reason to use more diesel than normal.

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catalyst testing methods for internal combustion engines


Reading the information in the PDF document will help when trying to determine the source of the fault, not necessarily is the catalyst at fault there are many variables.
The first three bullet points on the list would be the hardest to test as these require testing before and after the cat converter with 5 gas analyser, the time to set up a vehicle would be a challenge.
To add to this the disappointment when you realise it is a v6 or v8 engine, this makes the setup to the vehicle even harder.

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