catalyst testing methods for internal combustion engines


Reading the information in the PDF document will help when trying to determine the source of the fault, not necessarily is the catalyst at fault there are many variables.
The first three bullet points on the list would be the hardest to test as these require testing before and after the cat converter with 5 gas analyser, the time to set up a vehicle would be a challenge.
To add to this the disappointment when you realise it is a v6 or v8 engine, this makes the setup to the vehicle even harder.

Typical layout and function of a Catalytic Converter in the exhaust system.

catalytic converter

The theory’s and practical knowledge gained will be a valuable insight into how catalysts function and how to be tested, for operation and failure.

  • Catalytic Converter Tests.
  • Cranking tests.
  • Snap Throttle Tests.
  • Invasive Testing.
  • Misfire Test.
  • Temperature and 4 Gas tests.
  • OBD2 Monitor Tests.
  • Explainations of baisc catalyst function.
  • Explainations of advanced catalyst function
  • EGR and NOx Reduction.
  • Catalyst selection criteria.
  • What can damage a new catalyst?
  • Check air/fuel mixture ratio. Lambda must be between 1.02 and 0.98 for best converter efficiency


PDF document downloadCAT convertor testing method PDF