In the Workshop As I’m Writing, sitting in a bay is a lovely Mazda 3 BL, Diesel in the shop this week and it has a DPF pressure sensor that is going Haywire 1 minute it’s at 200 kPa next minute it’s at 5 kpa can’t make up its mind when it gets hot.

A Call to Mazda to find out how much one and was and they said it was $1,500 which, you know me I told them I would not RIP off My Client and that price was absolutely stupid.

So we started to adapt different units to it to find what works and what doesnt work. Later model rangers and mondeos have a different plug but we tried 34kpa is idle pressure ( way off the mark ) after that rang every wreckers I knew and to no avail only a new unit on AliExpress for $250 we know that’s going to be a long wait, ( not giving up yet)

Monday night came a few things to finish off for the day, Working on a Nissan Navara D40 ( Thailand Build ) came in for wiring repairs, looking in the engine bay and we found the same type differential pressure sensor both of which have different part numbers but the sensor fits in it’s identical comes on a different bracket that has the same functionality

Mazda 3 – part number – R2AJ182B5A $1500

Nissan Navara D40 – Part number – 104990-1330 – $155

same stuff right, swapped them over to find, Bingo!

Particulate amount came down from 40g/l with in a minute

Let the Testing Begin

The exhaust gas differential pressure kPa with the idle sitting at 1500 RPM is now 200 Pascal’s ranging from 1 volt to 1.01 volt to 0.990 Volt at idle I see an absolutely normal kPa differential pressure so had a quick look on the internet and found I can find a brand new Nissan Navara differential pressure sensor for $135 f*** you Mazda 1500 dollar piece-of-s***

apart from the part number they work the same

Every Ones a Winner Here!!

We have started to collaborate live data sets and possible control unit resets to vehicles as there is just too many variants in vehicles these days, and the live data at idle varies between models,


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Mazda BT50 – left rear brake light not working.

This is the third Mazda bt50. 2016 model they either come in with tray back style combination rear lamps where the bayonet spring loaded center terminal melts and the bulb does not get any power to the bulb (replacement) tail lamp assembly needed

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Mazda I-Stop Reset

On CX5s and other Mazda’s with the i-stop system, i-stop may not activate after the battery has been replaced or was disconnected during some servicing.

In this case you will either need to ask your dealer to reset it, which they can by connecting up to the diagnostic system, or you can do it yourself. listed below

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