Ford Focus 2007 – no lock unlock with remote or with key in door switch – GEM fault code b2425 remote control key

The vehicle came in with one key and can only use the drivers door by turning manual lock

Found instruction on b2425

Tried to access remote programming mode but could not enter the function (beep to confirm in mode – beep to confirm when remote is pressed)

It basically said the body/gem module stuck , go to the unit unplug it and then try to program remotes

Checked fuses through the whole vehicle and was all good

Let the vehicle sit for a while and found the correct program procedure as follows

This time it worked, so we reprogrammed the original and a new flip key,

Using the X-tool we programmed and extra key transponder id63 to the vehicle and now both keys open and close doors and start the vehicle

NOTE – this vehicle even when locking/unlocking with key in door the others will not lock/unlock there also is no button on dash or window switch to lock/unlock all doors like some later model vehicles