VZ V8, PIM Module and PIM CODE, ECU swapping

ECU installation

When wanting to change Engine ECU for example,you need the PIM code

PIM Code Extraction

this is accessible either from dealer or by removing the Power-train Interface module PIM

93c46 – read with Orange 5 (You will need to un-solder from board)

Alas – We can now get all pin codes from all engine ecus – Just ask us to do it for you!

you get the following data


These below is when you swap 2 bytes. (This Definitely Works on V6 Models too)

the pin ends up reading the correct way even though the VIN is backwards, 
so the PIM Code is 8196 as you can see in the pic below

swap-2-bytes swapped-2-byte-vz-pim

Link for snapons version just as a refresher

holden_vz_3-6l_pim_and_ecm_-_reset_and_link_instructions snap ons version


Linking using TECH2

When linking it depends if you have a virgin ECU or Not, if no virgin ECU you will need PIM code from that Engine ECU,
Then you can reset Engine ECU and Then Program, This is done in Additional functions by linking BCM Link PCM/PIM

It will then ask you what you have replaced.

Equipment needed,

Orange 5
Opel TIS ( programming approval for tech2)
HOLDEN LAPTOP for online programming

MY Steps for S/hand Engine ECU. 

The below VZ commodore, had a s/hand Engine ECU installed and the base software was wrong(could have been early VZ Versus late Issue)  i had used the KTS as Pass thru to upload new software to the vehicle to make it run (it would crank with no fault codes but not fire) New or correct software fixed this issue.

  1. Read PIM code original
  2. Reset Engine ECU
  3. Read PIM Code
  4. install s/hand ecu and PIM and reset engine ecu
  5. Install Original PIM
  6. Carry out LINKING procedure. you can do this through the PIM Module section in tech2
    when doing this Autel will not work, you need tech2, you will also need to allow security access with Opel GlobalTIS so it can be carry out when programming virgin ecu
  7. Go online and update PCM