Previous Repairs, and the short story

The vehicle was delivered to us after talks about the original issue with the vehicle, which was poor performance and fuel trims high +45.

During the Conversation about the vehicle it was decided that a new air flow meter be installed and the vehicle test driven to confirm the fuel trims are coming back into line (+ or – 6%)
The vehicle was fitted with a new aftermarket air flow meter and fuel trims checked on the test drive.

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Subaru 1997 – 1999 Key fob Training with one working remote

Thanks to Chris from Au for this information Feb 2006. Note that it is completely unchecked and unconfirmed by me.

NON-US Foresters, 1997 to at least 1999, standard keyless central locking remote control only, no alarm.

Subaru 2000 Model hard to find key
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