Ford Mustang 2016 5.0l – air con not cold


Air con not cold when outside temps are over 28degs

Vehicle came in with air conditioning not working very well, and we felt this to be true, had heard about the blend door motor faults, leaks in refridgerant system at the evaporator, drivers side hot and passengers side cold, list goes on with the issues.

Setup the manifold gauges to see what is going on off the scales. So the high pressure was way over normal, fans are full ball

we thought it be best to remove the gas and see how much gas was extracted with scales 310grams – the system takes 650 grams so only half full, so there had to be a leak, and we know the system uses a control valve, maybe making the compressor over work for the condition of the day,

We thought to try evacuating the system and try refilling with fresh supply just in case. Refill ing to correct gram weight made the system work correctly, ———- got the system half full , decided to check with scan tool if any faults, existed, had various faults in engine system for misfiring faults, found the vehicle has been fitted with launch control which cuts of the spark, after 350 grams of r134a

found the system is still the same but marginally better, got out the heat gun with screen and found that the inlet into condenser was 80 deg and out let is 30deg,

There was no hot or cold saturation points in the con sensor core for us to suspect that the condenser was partially blocked

So our suspect is the the tx valve isn’t letting the correct flow of gas through to evaporator genes the condenser temp difference of 50 between inlet and out let usually would expect to see 15-20 deg difference max ————///-

Nice and tight to get access make sure you use the guy with the smallest hand to carry out the work

After sealing up with new seals and vac’ing the system for 35 mins time to put the gas back in

With 680grans of r134a and system set to low and face

Ambient of the day 32 degrees C

Vent outlet temp of 6 and compressor cycling on and off to let me know the evaporator temp was low enough

Pack up the gear and refit the port caps job done!!