Mazda BT50 – left rear brake light not working.

This is the third Mazda bt50. 2016 model they either come in with tray back style combination rear lamps where the bayonet spring loaded center terminal melts and the bulb does not get any power to the bulb (replacement) tail lamp assembly needed

Or the bcm/ fuse box in the drovers compartment stops powering the brake light the bcm seams to power it for a second and then shuts down,

In the past I have done current tests etc, and nothing found all these vehicles have used different trailers on and off ( can’t find faults in trailer either)

So now I just use a relay and fuse block to use right side brake light as the switch for the relay and use a add a fuse from ignition switch on circuit

There is purple wires to supply the left and right brake lights and a yellow wire for the center brake light ( don’t use this on) cut the left purple and tap into the right purple wire as the switch and done